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Many brides-to-be often ask themselves if they should hire a professional for their wedding or have themselves, a friend who posts very good instagram pictures, or go to a department store like MAC or Sephora. Why not pay $60 for makeup brands that are popular or save a little while doing your own; after all, you do it yourself every day. Your wedding day isn't just any other day, it the most photographed day of your life!

Here are just some of the to reasons to hire a professional on  your wedding day!




While searching for the perfect makeup artist you will likely receive a range of quotes. Always remember, you get what you pay for. Most reputable artists won't be cheap, but they will ensure that your experience with them will be pleasurable and that you will be happy with your look on your wedding day. Reputable artists know their worth and the importance, they will charge accordingly.

With having an onsite services you also have the luxury of having everything come to you with no hassle of unexpected traffic, bad weather and wasting time when you could be enjoying the whole experience; while your photographer can get the little details. You and your bridesmaids can relax more because everyone is together in one place-generally the suit or venue/house/condo/rental where everyone will be getting ready. There is no need to worry about transporting dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. Because once hair + makeup is done, everyone will be getting dressed in that same area. Everyone can sit back and relax. Having everything come to you also allows you and your party to make the most of your time in the morning focused on getting ready opposed to traveling and then getting ready and then traveling again.

Professional and reputable artist will also charge according to what they stock in their kit! If you are expecting brand names such as Temptu, Mac, RCMA, Make Up For Ever, expect to pay your artist more than one who stocks drugstore or dollar store makeup. 


An experienced and professional artist will supply you with all the information you need to know about your appointment as well as have both parties sign a legal agreement which will protect both the client and artist. Don't be left in the dust on your wedding day by an artist who has bailed because they have not been secured with a legal contract. 

You can't afford to have your makeup artist not show up on your wedding day, or not show up with the proper products to fulfill the service. Like the popular quote we see on social media "you think it's expensive to hire a professional? Wait until you hire an amateur". I receive emails during the wedding season regularly about how bride-to-be have had multiple trials with artists who were not professional or sanitary. Some artists cancelled or just didn't measure up to their instagram photos.  

Save your hard earned money and budget for a professional artist who will be sure to make you happy!


Makeup for you wedding is completetly different from 



You are having a professional come to YOU. You aren't getting your makeup done by a sales person in a mall using testers. You are also not locked down to brands only sold in store. Professional Artists have access to specialty brands that are only sold to pro as well as owning an abundance of products designed for weddings specifically. You need the makeup to look beautiful in the mirror but that also needs to show through a camera. 

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