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Hi, my name is Lauren and I can't wait to meet you! 

For over 10 years, I've been the girl behind the brush bringing the glamour to each and every person in my chair. 

No matter the occasion, big or small, unique or timeless, it's my mission to give you an incredible experience you never quite expected with just a few beauty products.


Exclusively  for "main character energy" clients who are looking for a makeup artist who is an expert in radiant skin, long-lasting, and above all timeless.

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I'm a makeup artist.
Not a makeup applier.

 Just like any artis
t, we all have our own style and expertise in our craft. While many artists can do a natural/ minimal look or a full beat nighttime glam, my specialty lies is what I call Ethereal Glam. 

My looks have a very romantic finish. The skin is cloud-like and always radiant to give you an ethereal glow from within. Eyes are soft, dreamy, and mesmerizing to not overpower your whole look. You will never look trendy so you can go back years from now loving your timeless look. 


Ethereal Glam  


On October 1st, 2022, I married the love of my life, Michael. We got married at the venue of our dreams, Providence Vineyard. 

We love fine wine, hosting themed parties & game nights! We are also HUGE movie buffs.

Just one month after moving into our new home, Michael proposed during a family game (Rummikube) after a date night!

Get to know me a little better...

My Love Story 

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