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Exclusively  for "main character energy" clients 

who want a wedding makeup artist who is specializes in radiant skin, long-lasting, and above all timeless.

Before the cake is cut, before the vows are said, before your forever begins, you start your morning. That morning starts with your makeup artist

Your big day starts the moment you begin to get ready and just like the people you have around you, you have also handpicked your artist to be with you on your special day. So of course you need someone reliable and IN charge of the time so you run ON time. The morning sets the tone and the artist can help make sure it's set for success

Whether you need me to be a fly on the wall, laugh, cry, or tell you funny stories to keep your mind relaxed and easy-going,
I am there for you.  

With trust, a meaningful connection, and a desire to look your best, not only in your photos but the mirror too, my mission is to make sure you stay present in the moment and have the best morning for your most perfect day! 
Murphy's Beauty Law experience!
I want you to have a fun and unforgettable experience, a

My Style

modern | romantic | soft | timeless 

Just like any artist, we all have our own style and expertise in our craft. While many artists can do a natural/ minimal look, my specialty lies is modern and soft glamorous looks. This means perfectly blended lines, a flawless complexion that is camera ready and will last all day! 


It's extremely important to me that my clients and I are a great match for each other. My clients value an artist specialized in glam and trust my knowledge to transform them into their most glamorous self on the most  photographed day of your life.

If you want a Charlotte Tilbury look, not underwhelming or over-the- top, then you are a soft glam lover! 

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Makeup Preview Appointment

False strip or individual  lashes 

Customized skin regimen

Custom Skin Prep

Mini touchup kit


The "Bride

Long- lasting and photo ready 

Professional photo proofing

Décolleté/ chest radiance 

Planning Guides leading up to wedding 


Morning Service Timeline Schedule 




The Wedding Party 

Includes: moh, bridesmaids, mom, relatives, friends, ect

HD or airbrush foundation- depending on skin type

False strip or individual  lashes 


Skin Prep

Decolleté radiance 

Mini touchup kit


$150/per person


Special Event 

Includes: engagement photos, shower, boudoir, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, birthday, ect.

Long-lasting and photo ready for makeup 

False strip or individual  lashes 


Custom Skin Prep

Decolleté radiance 

Mini touchup kit


$200 per person 


All prices are subject to change at anytime. All contracted totals will be upheld, regardless of pricing changes.

Bookings are first come first serve. Dates are only help with a signed agreement and retainer.


Friday bookings require a minimum of 3 adult makeup applications (including the bride) or rate equivalent.  

Saturday bookings require a minimum of 5 adult makeup applications (including the bride) or rate equivalent 

Bridal Previews are only held at my in-home studio in Algonquin. Bridal Previews are required and exclusive to only the bride and are not offered to bridal party members or mothers. 


The Details 

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