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You've got questions? 
I've got answers! 


How do I book you?

First, browse my site and make sure my signature makeup style is what you're looking for. If you love what I have to offer, fill out my contact form and to see if you're date is available

All bookings are secured with a signed agreement & non-refundable retainer amount of 35% of booked services. 

Can I add or subtract services after booking?

Yes! It is possible to make changes to the number of services after signing the contract, as long as you meet the minimum. I require two (2) months’ notice of the final services so that I can properly accommodate your requests. 

When should I book you?

Currently, I allow bookings 8 months in advance from your wedding date.

I don't have a confirmed number on how many people want makeup. Can I still book?

Absolutely! When booking the amount of people, always book conservatively so you are not locked into totals you aren's sure about. 

The cut off to add on services is at 2 months before your wedding. 

My bridesmaids are paying for themselves. Can they pay you directly? 

All payment must be done through you as the agreement is between you and me. If your bridal party members are paying for their own services, I suggest that you make arrangements in advance for them to reimburse you prior to the date of the event. 


I have a large party, do you bring an assistant? 

I work independently and do not directly hire secondary artists.

For larger bridal parties, I focus on the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids. Additional members like mothers, aunts, grandmas, and undecided bridesmaids can be taken care of by an additional artist. Once my services are booked, I send over trusted referrals who can take care of the remaining members.  

What makeup do you use?

I use long-wearing, high-definition liquids, and cream foundations from pro brands such as Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Forever, RCMA, Patrick Ta, Makeup by Mario, etc. I only use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. 

How long do services take?

For the bride, 1 reserve 1- 1.5 hours. For wedding party members, I reserve roughly 45 to 60 minutes for each service. I arrive 15minutes before services to set up. An average wedding party takes about 5 hours. If timing is longer I will recommend getting a second artist.

Makeup Preview

Who is the makeup preview for?

Makeup preview are required and exclusive for Brides because it is, after all, your wedding day! 

Where and when are previews done? 

Previews are held at my in-home studio in Algonquin, 60102.

Previews are scheduled a far as 3 months from your wedding or as close as 3 weeks before. They are only scheduled on weekdays, Mondays-Thursdays, due to weddings and events being booked on weekends.  

*If you live out of start or a far distance, arrangements can be made accommodate your travel dates. 

What if my mom or one of my bridesmaids wants a preview?

Typically when someone (moms, bridesmaids, etc) wants a preview it's because they might have had a negative experience in the past or aren't confident wearing makeup. It's important to acknowledge that one session won't automatically instill trust in the makeup artist. 

Having their makeup done one time, prior to the wedding, is not going to reverse a negative experience and automatically make them trust me. Think of it as hiring your photographer to do an extra shoot JUST for your mom or friend to trust them. 

To help alleviate any concerns, my website has before/ afters that is specifically focused on looks for Mothers of the Bride & Groom. Every look you will see of my work is customized to the person wearing the style I offer and of course, can be customized to you and your preferences.


Is there a travel fee? 

All travel is calculated from the distance from my home in Algonquin, 60102

Travel rates are: 

Within 10 miles:   No Fee 

11-30 miles:  $30
31-50 miles:  $50
50+ :   $80

Do you travel everywhere? 

At this time, I travel to locations no farther than 1.5 hours from my location. I travel only to the suburbs of Chicagoland (not downtown) and south WI. Please inquire to see if I travel to your destination. 

* Map is a general guide. Please inquire about your address to see if I travel to you

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